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Absentee Voting:

Permanent Absent Voter List Request Form

There is no longer any need to state a reason for voting by absentee ballot.

The City maintains a permanent absentee voter list.  Many of you are on that list currently, and we mail you an application before each election.  If you want to cast your vote by absentee ballot by mail, you complete the application and return it to us, and we send your ballot by mail once it is available. If you are already on the list, we will continue to mail you an application for each election as we have been doing.

If you are not on the list currently, but would like to be added to our permanent absent voter list, please contact our office at (517) 669-2441 or send an email to lgrysen@dewittmi.org. We can only send you an application if you ask us to. We can only mail you a ballot if you complete the application and return it to us for each election.

A voter who applies for an absent voter ballot for a primary election may, at the same time, request an absent voter ballot for the following general election if he or she is eligible to receive an absent voter ballot for both elections.

Absent voter ballots are opened on Election Day by the election inspectors and tabulated in the same machines used for ballots of in-person voters.  All absent voter ballots must be received by 8:00 pm on Election Day.