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Police Department History:

DeWitt hired its first law enforcement official, a Village Marshall, in 1929. The descendants of most past Marshalls are still living in or around the community.

Police PatchThe DeWitt Police Department began providing service on October 7, 1964. Charles Anderson was the first Chief of Police hired. He was succeeded by Chief Elden Smith, followed by Chief Wendell Myers.

Myers first served as an Officer before serving as Chief of Police for over 20 years. During his tenure, the department grew to the present authorized staffing level of seven full-time and three part-time officers, including the Chief and a sergeant's position, as well as a full-time secretary.

Chief Myers retired in January 1997. In August 1997 Chief Robert McClean was hired.

Chief McClean retired in January 2004 and was succeeded by Chief Larry Jerue.

Chief Larry Jerue retired in January 2013 and was succeeded by Chief Bruce Ferguson.


Village of DeWitt: Beginning in 1929

Village Marshalls

E.H.Ward (First)
M. Hiatt Jr.
H. Tingay
L. Risdale
R. Kiebler
R. McCarthy
R. Harter
J. Lyons Sr.
B. Wilcox

City of DeWitt: Beginning in 1964

Police Chiefs
Charles Anderson (First)
Elden Smith
Wendell D. Myers
Robert McClean
Larry Jerue
Bruce Ferguson (Current)