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Comprehensive Development Plan:

In 2008 the City Planning Commission developed a timeline to update the City's Comprehensive Development Plan. A finalized plan was approved October 19, 2010 and now available for review:

 2010-2020 Comprehensive Development Plan.

The purpose of the Comprehensive Development Plan is to set forth direction for land use decision-making. The plan also provides a frame of reference and blueprint for future public and private development and investment.

This plan also contains goals-policies-objectives as a device to direct growth, development and change and is used as a guide in drafting amendments to the Zoning Ordinance.

If you would like a copy of the Comprehensive Development Plan it is available at City Hall for $27.50 or you may view it for free at the link above.

City of DeWitt, MI

The Big Picture: DeWitt 2010 to 2020 Comprehensive Development Plan

Chapter 1: Overview

A. Introduction

  • What is a comprehensive plan?
  • How the plan was developed and legislative history
  • What the plan contains

B. Executive Summary

Chapter 2: Vision, Goals and Policies

A. Vision

B. Goals

C. Growth Management Policies

D. Intergovernmental Cooperation and Coordination


Chapter 3: Strategy, Policy, and Action Snapshots for Specific Planning Areas

A. Planning Area 1: North of the Millbrook Meadows Subdivision

B. Planning Area 2: Far northeast corner of the City

C. Planning Area 3: Five separate parcels near the City’s eastern edge

D. Planning Area 4: Prairie Creek Golf Course and two vacant parcels

E. Planning Area 5: Area between the Oaks Subdivision and the Post Office along DeWitt Road

F. Planning Area 6: Intersection of DeWitt and Herbison Roads

G. Downtown DeWitt


Chapter 4: Strategy, Policy and Action Snapshots for Specific Major Resources

A. Population

B. Housing

C. Natural Resources

D. Economic Development

E. Public Facilities and Services

F. Transportation

G. Land Use

Chapter 5: Appendices

Prepared 1-15-08